Thursday, December 29, 2011

Studio Update

Woo hoo!! Things are moving along!

I used one more can of spray paint on the "important bits" of the shelving unit. And I'm happy with it. I wish I'd only painted the sides that show in the first place. It would have saved my pocketbook and my lungs!

You can see, the couch is gone! It was a cool couch, but it was just too long. Luckily, my in-laws needed a temporary couch (huh?). They got rid of their couch when we moved in, then we moved out and took our couch. They're starting a renovation, so didn't want to buy a new couch right away. They were doing ok with a few comfy chairs, but the holidays came around, and they needed more seating. They got a neutral slip cover, and our craigslist couch now looks lovely in their living room! So happy it's getting some good use . . . before possibly going back on CL.

Now comes the organizing!

The few weeks before Christmas, the studio turned into gift wrap central. I didn't actually wrap in there (I wrapped in the living room so I could see the TV!), but the floor was covered in gift wrap, bows, and labels.

Today I packed all that away and started bringing out my art supplies. I haven't laid eyes on some of these things in a couple years, so I really need to take my time going through all my stuff, purging and examining, so I end up with a logical, efficient, but--most importantly--creative space!

Brian is extending our fence right now so the little man can more safely play in the front yard. This is our most important project right now, so he'll probably be consumed by that until he goes back to work. I will most likely only get to organize while Everett sleeps. But he's been taking a pretty long nap during the day, so I hope to make a real difference in the studio this week!