Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What's Up?!

Well, it's been almost TWO WEEKS since I last posted! Woah.

The first week I skipped, I seriously didn't even notice. We had lots of projects to do around the house and a dinner party to host, and I just plain forgot.

Then, when I realized I hadn't blogged in a week, I started reevaluating, and one week turned into two.

My awesome Aunt Sue's words kept running through my mind: "don't apologize!"

That is her comment every time I post my late blogs on Facebook and explain why they weren't posted "when they should have been."

And I get why she says it (I think). I'm a busy mom, wife, and homeowner. I'm trying my best, getting things accomplished, and I have no one to answer to and nothing to apologize for.

Is that right Aunt Sue?

So without apologizing, this is what's up.

I think I started my blogging schedule before I was ready. The studio is taking longer to set up than I expected, and I'm getting bored writing "I organized this one thing or prepped this one shelf this week" and not talking about actually making art.

Plus, the blog is supposed to be fun, not stressful. And it was becoming stressful to get all my posts up on time.

I seriously considered taking away the blogging schedule and just posting when I have things to post (like what I'm doing with my craft and design blog). But I really like the blogging schedule I've set up, and it is a great way to keep me working and accountable (if mostly to myself).

So what I plan to do is sort of a hybrid. For now, I'll just post as I can and when I have things to share. But I will get back to my schedule, probably when the studio's done and as Everett gets a bit older and starts to spend more days with his grandmas and grandpas.

Thanks for reading! I'll post again soon. Promise. {:

Photo by Dana Holt

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