Thursday, November 3, 2011

Art History Day: "Big" Ancient Near East Post

I've had a hard time with this post. I wanted to be inspired by "Art History Day," and yet I've sort of been dreading it. Why oh why did I start with such a hard "topic"? Why didn't I start with an era I'm more inspired by? Dutch Golden Age?!? Oh well. This is how I arranged my calendar, and I really want to stick to it!

After reading and looking, I've come away with more of an idea to consider when working, not so much technique, style or subject matter.

I feel like I'll talk about human-animal hybrids and simplification of form when I write about Ancient Egypt, so I'm running with this thought.


Haha. I'll lighten that a little.


So little remains of the societies we lump together as "The Ancient Near East." What we have is just a fraction of what was created.

Victory Stele of Naram-Sin Akkadian Dynasty, reign of Naram-Sin (2254-2218 BC)
photo from Wikipedia

This poses an interesting dilemma. As an artist, what do you create? What do you put out into the world?

I know it's best to draw and paint as much as possible, not worrying that every piece is perfect, something to be shown. This is wisdom I agree with, and will try to comply with, even if it means a future society might find my lopsided sketch of a stool and judge our entire civilization based on that embarrassment.

But all joking aside, as a blogger, I've been thinking more and more about what to put "out there." Do I post only drawings and paintings I'm super proud of, or do I often post things I've created, just to keep myself working and accountable to my schedule.

I think the answer is to try to balance the two. I won't post total garbage, but I shouldn't fear that posting a non-masterpiece will endanger my artistic career.

It's amusing to think of my work getting recognized in any fashion in this massive internet place, but if I do, I hope it's positive recognition.

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