Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Review

Well, it's been another crafty week.

I sure hope I'm not crafting to avoid organizing my studio and painting! {:

Ok, it hasn't been the most productive painting week, but we did set up the Fringe on the computer one evening (totally blanking on which evening) and did some organizing in the studio. It looks A LOT better, and I'm starting to be able to imagine working in there.

I gathered some materials for the painting idea I had. Very exciting. I'm not trying to keep it a secret or anything. I'm planning to do some miniature paintings on wood panels and maybe put little hooks at the top (imagine the hook at the top of a pocket watch). I think they will be really cute.

I got the wood this week, but Brian was too busy this weekend to cut it for me (I guess I should learn to use the saw). I also picked up some clear gesso and found the hooks (although they're much larger than I imagined). I'll have to find a source for smaller ones.

So that should be cool once I get all my materials gathered and prepped. I think they'd make great little Christmas presents if I get them up on Etsy before Christmas.

On to the projects I've truly been consumed by this week:

I've been realizing the last few weeks that Everett is getting to the age where he needs a place to color, play play-doh, read, etc.

We had a couple extra rugs, and following the trend of painting rugs, I decided to paint one of the rugs for him with a sort of road design. This way he can craft on top of it, and we can also move the table away and play cars/trains. I did it with blue painters tape and regular spray paint. I'll write more about it on my craft and design blog.

After that I got on a spray painting kick! I painted the legs of his table (the top of which used to be our coffee table). I painted the fish wall-hanging Frank gave us for our wedding. And I sprayed a frog figurine that used to have this weathered copper look, and is now pink!

My intention was to prep and spray my shelves for the studio this weekend. I started sanding and realized I'll need wood putty and probably more spray paint to do it well.

Next week's post should be more painting-heavy, and that's exciting to me!!

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