Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Review

It's been another BIG week for projects, but not paint or studio projects, unfortunately. October has always been, and will always be, a big crafting month. It's Halloween-time, and it's also time to start thinking about Christmas presents, especially right now, when money's tight. We're thinking about a lot of homemade gifts.

I've always either made or collected objects for my own Halloween costumes, and this is the second year I've made Everett's costume (also, only his second Halloween). Last year Brian and I crafted a porcupine costume, and this year he's going to be a bird!

I'll put more details about its creation on my Beyond Fine blog after Halloween. I'll also try to remember to put up pictures of the porcupine costume. {:

The other big, exciting crafty/design project accomplished this week was grouting our kitchen tiles!!

I spent my free time (naptime) on Wednesday cutting the tiles for around the outlets and gluing them in. The next day, my in-laws took Everett ALL DAY so I could grout. And it did almost take all day with the prepping and such.

It looks so good! It's funny how you almost get used to an unfinished project in your house, but when you finally finish it, it feels SO GREAT!

Ok, the project isn't completely finished, it still needs grout caulk and grout sealer, but it is a huge improvement!

Brian wiping off the cloudiness after I did all the hard work!

If you're curious, we edged the tile with these stainless steel threaded poles. I'll talk more about our kitchen design in a Beyond Fine post (or more than one).

I have a great idea for a painting project. Unfortunately the plan for obtaining the supports fell through, but I'll figure it out! . . . hopefully before Christmas. 

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