Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Review

Well, this is a BIG week! Why!?!? because my studio is done! . . . being painted. Far from done, really, but it's a VERY important step. No more late nights of sanding or priming or painting for Brian (now he can move on to late nights of tiling and trimming in the kitchen or drywalling in the half bath). {:

The accent wall color is Behr Prelude.We decided to do an accent wall: 1) because I felt like an art studio should have at least one white wall, 2) but I don't like plain white walls, they're sterile, 3) we don't have much money, and we had a full gallon of Ultra Pure White in eggshell (not sure why).

We were able to do the whole wall with one quart, but with the amount of taping (that didn't work) and retouching (we had to do because our bedroom walls are super textured), painting all the walls Prelude might have been the better savings.

I learned from the accent wall experience: use an edger with the textured walls and ceiling, paint the trim last, or use that green frog tape if you're painting the trim second. But really, I don't see doing many accent walls in the future, and the next time we paint this room, we're replacing the trim!

Ok, so Brian's work is basically done in here, and my work has barely started.

We moved the couch in last night, and boy oh boy is it long! Its length was one of the things that sold me on it (although it didn't take much to sell me on a $45 couch). It means tall friends can sleep in here, and there's plenty of space to sit (for me and my 5 closest buddies). But it takes up some major room, and if we don't drastically rearrange (which is possible, but maybe not drastically, since some pieces only fit in one place--giant bookshelf), we may need to find it a new home and get a love seat or something. }:

first day working (blogging) in the studio!!

I'm also still a little hung up on the fact that the cushions are pink. Maybe if I didn't have a blog, and the whole world could never potentially see my studio, I wouldn't care, but I kinda do. It still boggles my mind that it could happen. And why didn't miss "I'm-selling-my-couch-for-45-dollars-on-craigslist" not tell me that one shouldn't wash the cushion covers in warm water?!? Ok, I'm a little obsessed, I guess. I'll get over it . . . or I'll get a slip cover.

So what's next with the studio?

Well, Brian cut the base off my file shelf thing (that I also go on craigslist, but don't worry one iota about turning pink in the wash!). It's meant to go horizontally to hold mail, but I'm going to use it vertically to hold craft paper and such. So, Brian cut the base off. I need to sand it and clean it, and I have the spray paint in the wings to paint it white!

cell photo (sorry) of the shelves "before"

I'm still very excited about this piece (even though I got it in April or May or something). It's quite hard to find pieces like this. Staples doesn't even sell the cardboard versions anymore!

now with the base cut off
 So we have the shelving. I'm thinking about painting the top of my drawing table, just to spruce it up and personalize it a bit. We have a little desk in here that I'm hoping to move out at some point. There's just too much furniture! Right now it's holding a bunch of important stuff, but we can reorganize it.

Lots of work to do, but it's exciting!!

Also big news: I started a third blog!

Haha. I know what you're thinking: "She hasn't even been able to stick to the schedules of her other blogs, how can she maintain a third?!?" Ok, I'm hoping you're not thinking that, but I guess I kind of am.

I started it in an effort to organize my life and my mind a little. I have my personal blog that I like to keep pretty much private--it would just be boring for strangers (monthly updates of my baby's milestones) and a little too personal (postpartum TMI).

I have this blog, which I want to keep focused on my painting and drawing and not distract from those pursuits with my crafts and home design interests. But I do have those interests, and I want to share! I've been getting pretty into Pinterest lately, and I'd love to be able to "pin" some of my stuff. But I don't want people checking out my "pins" to get routed to my personal site.

Added bonus! I might get some people checking out my craft/design/et cetera blog and finding my fine art blog and getting interested in my work!

When I mention a craft/home project on this site, I'll just link to it so you know what I've been up to, but I won't write a ton about those projects here. 

I won't update regularly or even frequently, just as I have interesting things to post.

You are still my main blog! {:

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