Thursday, October 13, 2011

Art History Day: New Schedule

I usually schedule my posts to go up in the morning, so my art history post goes up on Thursday at 8:00 am. Today's is late, and I knew it would be. Here's why:

As I explained in this post, the Art History Day schedule just wasn't working for me. It was too much to ask this easily-overwhelmed mama to write a full, thoughtful "essay" relating my work to work of the past (necessitating research) every week. So I decided once a month would be good for the full, thoughtful post--and I could do a short, thoughtless post weekly. Ha.

The plan is to do my long post on the Ancient Near East on November 3rd, and my long post on Ancient Egypt on December 1st.

So how did I know this post would be late?

When I paused to reconsider the Art History Day blog post phenomenon, I came to the conclusion that using Gardner's, the internet, and my memory just wouldn't cut it. I want real, honest-to-goodness books to read. I then came to understand that the Atascadero Library has a pretty miserable selection (before you get defensive, I was focusing particularly on texts concerning ancient art history). The San Luis Obispo Library has a slightly better selection, so I decided I should take a trip to SLO every few months to pick up new inspiration.

I so took for granted the collection of the San Jose MLK Library. WOW, that is an amazing place! At least I got to use it, and used it much better than most of my fellow students.

Ok, back to SLO Library.

I plan to take a trip down there every couple months and get enough books for at least two full blog posts.

Why, you might ask, don't I just have the books shipped to the Atascadero Library? Well, they just started charging $1.00 a book for inter-library transfers, and I feel like I can find something to do in San Luis every couple months!

The reason I knew today's post would be late and didn't just write yesterday was . . . finally, she's getting to it!! . . . we went to the SLO Library TODAY! I chose today because they have their Toddler Story Time on Thursdays. I convinced my mother-in-law to take Everett and me to the library, she sat with him at story time, and I found my books. Great deal!

We might go to Paso or even Santa Maria to do this at some point. We'll see.

So, not a great selection when it came to Near East. Egypt was better, but Near East, well, I'm happy I found what I did.

I picked up Michael Balter's The Goddess and the Bull: Catalhoyuk: An Archaeological Journey to the Dawn of Civilization 2005

I probably won't read the whole book, just what's interesting to me. It seems like it spends a lot of time following the archaeologists working at the site and not necessarily the art objects, but we'll see.

Catalhoyuk is one of the earliest civilizations we know about, and super fascinating.

I know writing based on local library books is going to limit my blog's scope, but that's ok with me. It's going to be limited. It's going to be superficial. Like I've said before. I'm not a scholar. I'm just a lady with a B.A. in Art History and one in Painting. I'll write about what interests me and what I think will be interesting to you!

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