Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Sketch!

Welcome to my first Saturday Sketch! As I said in my last post, I had the idea for the Saturday Sketch soon after I decided to do several weekly blog posts.

I don't really like drawing. It's kind of like exercising. I know I should do it. I know it would be beneficial. I wish I LOVED doing it, and desired to do it. But I don't.

I was so excited, in my American Art History class, when I found out Gilbert Stuart (the portrait painter of the founding fathers) didn't like to draw. It was like a revelation to me. You can be an awesome painter and not like to draw!?! Awesome!

So he got me off the hook there. But I still know drawing would improve my skill. I also think drawing on a regular basis is a great way to experiment with ideas I wouldn't be able to work through as large paintings.

As inspiration, I've decided to do sketches influenced by my Art History Day posts. On Art History Day I focus on how these art historical movements/periods are relevant to my art, which is why sketching in theme seems so appropriate. Of course, as in every post, I give myself the freedom to diverge from the theme if I feel like doing so, probably to the reader's benefit.

I hope to regularly put my drawings on Etsy.

So let's get started!


I had the idea to draw our local animals in the style of the Chauvet Cave paintings. It's kind of silly, but fun. 

I drew a deer, raccoon, and a squirrel.

I couldn't draw in the complete style of Chauvet, I had to be a little more realist, but I tried to implement a few ideas.

I tried to focus more on the faces and less on the bodies, also layering and meshing the bodies together. It didn't work as well as for the prehistoric artists. I did a couple thumbnails to plan out my drawing. But with a few more tries, I think I could have found a better arrangement for the animals, one where the overlapping looked better and made more sense.

My drawing style tends to be really "scribble-y," then I refine, so it was kind of awkward to try to do simple lines on the bodies. I even erased some of my scribbles to make them look more like the cave drawings, and I don't think erasing added to the final product.

I don't get to draw animals that often so it was fun. Deer are an especially beautiful and majestic creature. We're not really allowed to say that around here, but it's true!

That's all for the Saturday Sketch. See you on Monday for the Monday Review

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