Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Review

Welcome to another Monday Review!

I think the most commendable art-related thing I did this week was stick to my blog schedule! Whoop whoop! I certainly hope I did, considering it was the first week! Ha. But it was a new challenge for me. The blogs were a little different than they will normally because they were the explanation and the post, so they were at least double the length. Obviously, that took longer than it normally will, and was a little difficult to fit into some evenings. But since I did, I feel confident that I can do my regular posts efficiently. It also seemed like a good order for the posts to come in, and good days for me to find time to type, draw, and think. I ran into a problem Friday evening doing my first Saturday Sketch post because that day I also had to write my monthly post about Everett's development (which is typically HUGE) for my personal blog. Luckily, I only do that once a month, and, even though I only checked the next couple months, it looks like I won't be needing to write two blogs in the same day for a while.

We're still working in the studio. We had plans to prep for painting, and possibly paint, this weekend. But we got started sanding the trim, and that's taking longer than we expected. I had explained to Brian how much work his father had put into sanding the trim in the bedrooms and hallway, and Brian said he wouldn't do as thorough a job (it's just the studio. It'll look fine!). But he started sanding, and in some cases sanded through two layers of paint all the way down to the wood (like father, like son). I'm not complaining. My studio will look GREAT one day.

Don't misunderstand me, Brian being a perfectionist wasn't the only reason we didn't get that far this weekend. We had a kid's birthday party today (Andy, the son of my best friend Rachel, turned 3!), and some time-consuming errands yesterday. One of which led to this!! . . .

We went over to Brian's parents' house to pick up our compost bin/barrel (and to see Brian's mom, she needs to see her grandbaby pretty often), and we noticed their neighbors were having a yard sale. We were curious because these neighbors are creative-types who have accumulated quite a few things over the decades, and we knew they'd be parting with some interesting stuff. Brian picked up a radial arm saw, and I got this cool french easel!

I don't know the brand, but for what I paid, I don't care. I could get a couple uses out of it and not feel like I wasted a bunch of money.

But I think I will use it! Since the studio is being "made over," I really should do some painting outdoors. We just got Everett a Little Tikes play structure (from craigslist), so he has more to do outside, not that he'll necessarily let me paint. {:

I have another easel that I think is supposed to be portable, but it's really not. It has three sizable drawers and is quite heavy.  This one's the real deal!

I'm excited! Maybe I'll even write my Art History Day post about the Impressionists while I'm in a Plein Air mood! Talk about going off the timeline soon!!

Speaking of Plein Air, The SLO Museum of Art is hosting a Plein Air Festival October 3rd through the 9th. I was just exploring their website, and it looks like a great event!

See you back here on Thursday!

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