Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Review

Hello! Welcome to the first blog post of my weekly schedule!

As I mentioned in the last post, I plan to use Monday's blog to review what I've been working on the previous week. Monday may seem like a weird day to review, but as I plan to schedule my blogs to post in the morning, I will more likely be writing on Saturday or Sunday (whenever I can find time), and even though I'm a stay-at-home mom, I still feel like Sunday ends the week and Monday begins it . . . probably because my husband works normal hours.

So what will the Monday Review be exactly? Well, it's intended to be a post about what I've been working on during the week, particularly painting. But I'm going to allow the post to be quite loose. For example: we bought a house in April, worked on it until August when it was finally habitable, and we're just now, in September, getting around to working on my studio (not too shabby!!). As I lack a space to paint right now, my posts will primarily be updates on fixing up/designing my studio for the next couple weeks.

Some weeks I may not paint at all; being a busy mommy, wife, and friend; and those weeks I may talk about an art show I saw or article I read that made me think about my art. I may even have to write about how tiling the bathroom made me consider repetitive pattern or how planting a native garden reminded me of the beauty of organic abstract shapes. Sometimes I'll just have to work with what's going on in our life.

But I truly hope most weeks feature my work, that's the point of this post.

Of course, I reserve the right to talk about anything I choose having to do with art. This would probably be the place to do that, since my other posts are more strictly Art History and Saturday Sketch.


A little about the work we've done this week.

My husband Brian is so supportive of me. He believes in my talent so much that he's been leading the studio-rejuvenation. He's been at work all day, I've been taking care of Everett and the house/meals all day, and I'd be so ok with sitting in front of the TV and relaxing after the babe goes down, but Brian is adamant that we work in the studio, and I'm so grateful. I'd have no motivation to do it if he wasn't on board.

He seems to think one day I'll be his meal ticket, and that's fine by me. {:

The studio had naturally become our junk room (remember we moved in a little over a month ago, so this isn't a chronic problem I'm ashamed of or anything). First we needed to move some stuff out, put it in the garage, trash, Goodwill, etc.. Then we moved everything to the center to have room to paint.

everything moved to the middle of the room

You can see from the picture that the room will also be our library, since neither of us feel the need to display our books in the living room, and besides, there's nowhere else to put that massive, yet terribly useful, bookshelf.

There's a desk in there that I'm not attached to (especially considering we have TWO other desks in our living room!). Some of my artsy-craftsy furniture needs to be refurbished. Basically, there's a lot of designing to do in there. Very exciting!

Friday night we filled the holes and cracks with compound. We need to sand and wash the walls, and then it's on to primer!

The progress is kind of slow because there are many other projects around the house (projects that affect everyday living) that also need to get done. But it will come together soon!

See you back here on Thursday for Art History Day!

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