Monday, September 12, 2011

Blogging Schedule

Ok, so I've read and observed that it's a good idea, when blogging regularly, to have a blogging schedule. This schedule may need to be tweaked a bit as I get the hang of working and blogging (naturally), but I'm going to start out this way and see how it goes.

Monday: This is the big one. Review of what I've worked on the previous week. Boom! It may seem illogical to have the weekly review at the beginning of the week, but I plan to post my blogs in the morning, meaning I will write this blog on Sunday (or before, depending on when I have time), and this gives me the whole weekend to wrap up my work for the week.

Thursday: Art History Day! As I wrote in my first blog, I double majored in Studio Art and Art History. I was so drawn to the discipline that I had pretty much committed to going to Art History graduate school before I got pregnant. I feel like a weekly post about my thoughts on the history of art will be an interesting addition to the blog, and will be fun for me!

Saturday: Saturday Sketch! I had this idea a while back, and I want to try it! And I wanted to call it Saturday Sketch, so it's happening on SATURDAY, and I sort of scheduled the other days around it. {:

I will go into more detail about how each day will be organized in the first blog of that day. I'll be setting guidelines and themes to keep me interested and "on-task."

Haha. Should be fun.

Here we go!!!!!

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