Thursday, September 29, 2011

Art History Day: Change of Schedule

Hello! This is actually more of an administrative blog than a substantive blog.

I've already realized, in the two weeks I've been sticking to this schedule, that a weekly art history blog is just too much research and writing for me each week (it wouldn't be if I weren't a mother and "household manager"--but those are my most important jobs right now).

So I've decided on doing one long art history blog a month. I'll still have weekly updates of my research, but I'll just tell you what I've been reading and thinking about that week in maybe one paragraph.

Then, on the one long monthly blog I'll go into detail about what I've read and how what I've learned might influence and inform my work.

I've started researching The Ancient Near East. If any of you have suggestions of resources (especially websites, since our library system doesn't have a great art selection) I'd greatly appreciate it.


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