Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Studio!

It's been so long since I last posted because I've been anticipating this announcement:

We recently bought a house (!!!), and I'm SO lucky to have a studio in our new place!

Now I have to decide how to decorate it!

Going off how the studios at the university were "decorated," I'm thinking completely white walls and natural light (plus full spectrum lighting).

Of course I'll need to do more research, and I'll certainly entertain the tips of my readers!

The room is nearly 12 feet by nearly 12 feet.

Brian in the room. The carpets are clean!

There's a sweet little closet.

And a half bath!!

This is a picture of it "before." It needs to be completely re-built. I'm thinking stainless steel sink? Easy clean up for paints? Or we might just keep the old sink for budget's sake.

Of course, my studio will also act as a guest room and possibly an office, so there will be a sofa bed and maybe a desk sharing the space.

Here's another picture so you can understand where the studio is in the house. Right off the dining area, behind a pocket door, near the kitchen.

Please, give me your ideas on how to paint/decorate. And keep posted to find out my final decision and for pictures when it finally comes together.