Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Post

I'd like to start off by assuming you don't know me, even though I know full well everyone reading this in the beginning already knows me.  But I can hope that somewhere, in the very near future, people who don't know me personally will discover my art, start reading my blog, and want to go back and read "the post that started it all." A girl can dream. 

My name is Christina Asdel Cisneros. I was raised in Atascadero, California. I moved north for school (and for love), first settling in Santa Cruz for about four years, then San Jose for about four years. I double majored in Studio Art and Art History at San Jose State University, and I was about to enter the masters program in Art History when I got pregnant (hallelujah!). So my husband and I decided to move back to Atascadero, to be closer to family while raising our babe, and because it's such a gosh darn beautiful place to live! 

 I'm starting my painting career slooooowly but surely. During the week, while my wonderful husband is at work, I stay home with our son. And most weekends we house hunt. So I haven't been painting as much as I should. I've been working mostly on 'administrative' stuff: seller's permit, website, research, etc., but I'm very excited to start painting more (when we get our own house!!), and I'm hoping to have a show of my university work if a local gallery will take me.

Why blog? Well, it's a great way to keep people informed of my art-related news, to keep myself motivated and on-task. And, as my degree suggests, I like to read and write, and I look forward to sharing my discoveries and insights with you! 

I have a preliminary vision of how the blog schedule will go, but I will share that as things move along. I'll just say: expect paintings, sketching, art historical commentary, art world blabbering, and FUN! Ok, maybe not at ton of fun. A little fun. Enjoy!